Decoration process

All our clothing can be personalised with your logo, names and additional text

These are the two main decoration processes we use.

Vinyl Transfer Printing

For customising garments/products that are not suitable to be embroidered we use a garment film to produce the logo or text

The process uses a vinyl cutter to create the logo.  The cutter is a computer controlled plotting device which uses a blade instead of a pen.  A vector design, is sent to the plotter where it very accurately cuts through the vinyl film.  The design is then pressed onto the garment using a specialist heat press which seals the film into fabric. It is a durable and hard wearing process, keeps its colour and launders well.

This process is perfect for lighter weight garments where a large design would not be able to be successfully embroidered on to the fabric as the weight would distort the shape of the garment.  Used widely on sports kit for team/player names and numbers. Also onto waterproof garments where an embroidery needle would create small holes and therefore would then not be fully waterproof.

Machine Embroidery

Your design is sewn onto a garment using a computerized embroidery machine.

Embroidery gives a high quality, professional and long-lasting finish and is suitable for both text and logos. The first step with embroidery is to “digitize” the design. For this, we re-draw your design using specialist industry standard software, which can then be read by the embroidery machine. Once digitized, your design is saved on file for any future requirements. Each logo is stitched out for your approval prior to application onto the garments. 

We use Madeira threads, and these can be matched with pantone references to your design – so exact reproduction of your colours is guaranteed. 

For larger orders we are also able to offer screen printing and full colour transfer design. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

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